Jorge Ibarra

Jorge Ibarra, audio engineer and guitarist has been playing guitar since the age of 16. Jorge has has a deep passion for music and recording music. He received his degree in Science and Mathematics and also earned a degree in audio engineering and certification as a Pro Tools Operator from MediaTech Institute.

Jorge has worked with artist all over Houston, Dallas, and Los Angeles. He is currently working at Sunrise studios and Barron Studios in Houston, Texas. As a freelance audio engineer he puts his energy and passion into every project he works on whether it be in the studio or outside.

Motivated and inspired to be the best in his field, Jorge, is always working hard to perfect his skills in the music industry.



Heather Krumnow

Heather Krumnow is an award-winning artist from Augusta, Kansas. She attended Wichita State University on a full scholarship to study graphic design. She has photographed scenic landscapes throughout the United States, mainly in the Pacific Northwest. Currently residing in Houston, Texas, Heather is an avid portrait photographer and web designer.



Justin Saladino

Justino Saladino, lead singer of the rock band Darwin’s Finches, is also a sketch and multimedia artist who works in the Houston area. He has had a long time passion for and skill for drawing cartoons, and has recently been working in watercolors as well as other mediums. Justino’s art has its own unique style, a combination of icon, cartoon, and sketch styles incorporating multimedia, and often humor.


Diana Dia is an artist, graphic designer, and web developer.

Diana Mutascu

Diana is an artist, graphic designer, and web designer. She presently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark attending the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA) studying E-Concept. Concurrently, she’s working on a Master’s in Informatics & Economics from Timisoara West University in Timisoara, Romania. Previously, she received her Bachelor’s in Informatics & Economics at Timisoara West University. She is involved with the Houston New Arts Movement through designing the site and associated logos and modifying photos. In the future, she plans to be more actively involved by coming here in person. Her presence brings an international flavor into an international city.