About Us

Mission Statement:

Bring music to all audiences

The Houston New Arts Movement is an ensemble and community of musicians and artists that actively create, discuss, and promote a deeper understanding and appreciation for music and art. These efforts will foster a deeper and more widespread understanding and involvement of the audience in classical music as well as new compositions.

As a community and support network for local performers, composers and artists, HNAM reaches out to new audiences with classical music where it may have been inaccessible before in innovative ways that involve those dynamic communities. Concerts are arranged to convey the idea that music is as much about the audience as the performers.

HNAM supports innovation in the realm of expression and seeks to re-establish the idea of composers/performers and artists as an indispensable part of our ever-changing mainstream culture.


Build a community of musicians who listen to and discuss music, compose and perform new works, and collaborate with each other and artists in innovative ways. Through listening and discussion, a further level of involvement on the part of the musicians and audience will develop and create a more meaningful concert experience.

Participate in structured improvisations together, including improvisation-based pieces, as a means of understanding the dynamic of the ensemble.

Establish a safe place for new music and art to be presented and discussed, allowing for expression of opinions and questions for the performers/composers.  Further discussion is always encouraged at receptions as well.  By allowing the audience this involvement with the music, they hopefully experience a deeper connection to the music than in a traditional classical music concert, and at the very least engage with music in a way beyond passive listening.

Foster an open environment, where audiences of all ages can come and experience the music in comfortable clothing, and visit with performers afterwards in a welcoming setting.  Build excitement around music for the young and the old.


  • Perform “art-gallery” concerts
  • Bring classical music to audiences who may never have heard it before
  • Creatively organize and perform concerts to reach new audiences
  • Perform in traditional and non-traditional settings
  • Call for new scores from composers
  • Host, promote, and perform in Composers’ Salon Concerts where discussion is held after each new piece for the audience and composers
  • Uncover lost works of classical music