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Beethoven 250

Join us for a digital celebration of a master whose works reignite and express our common humanity 250 years later.  Beethoven’s influence, mastery of classically formal structure, creative spirit, and continual reinvention of his style and classic forms can still be felt in the works of composers and artists of all disciplines to this day.  We are pleased, though our season has been delayed, to still offer this celebration of his works within the 250th anniversary of his birth.

Our online event will feature his 12 Variations on “Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen” from The Magic Flute  Op. 66, a set that ranges from virtuosic displays on both instruments to operatic moments, to comedic character pieces.  In the work, Beethoven truly gives tribute to Mozart’s mastery of opera, using various inventive textures and rapidly switching between them by expounding the theme to express the various characters.  The master includes two inventive slow movements, which give hint to Beethoven’s exploration of more personal forms of expression that he so exemplifies in most of his output as a composer.

Come relish Beethoven’s profoundly passionate “Kreutzer” Violin Sonata No. 9, Op. 47.  The work is profoundly personal and passionate, and, at its time, was extremely inventive.  The expressions remain timelessly moving.  With surprising shifts in key and tempo, the work is full of convincing narrative structures, and brings to life the imagination, ending in triumph.

The evening will conclude with Beethoven’s much-beloved “Archduke” Piano Trio, Op. 97, an epic journey through various moods.  Dedicated to the archduke of Austria, one of Beethoven’s students, The work includes a jubilant and adventuresome first movement, a lively scherzo, and a profoundly moving and tranquil slow movement that provides some much-needed peace in our turbulent times.  The final movement brings us rushing forward in excitement to an expression of jubilance and victory.

Saturday, November 21st,

7:30 PM

LIVE on Youtube

from the Houston Piano Company

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Images, Dreams, and Impressions: Music from France

Join us on the next leg of our World Journey’s series to France!  In this concert, we explore the music of great French composers Faure, Ravel, Debussy, Cesar Franck, and others.  Visual artwork from local Houston artist Vena Ashley will be on display, and French cuisine will be available.  Get your tickets today for a discount!  Our second performance will be at Houston Piano Company in the Heights!  Visit our events page for more info! We have a new member Leah Ann Brashear, who will be singing vocal works on this concert.  Read more about her on our ensemble page!