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Death and Transcendence

Join us for our Light and Shadows season finale, Death and Transcendence: a pairing of some of the greatest, most potent and compelling chamber music ever written.  Experience Tchaikovsky’s eulogistic and mournful tribute to his close friend Nikolai Rubinstein, and Beethoven’s sublime late String Quartet in A minor, Op. 132. (featuring the “Heiliger Dankgesang” movement, a prayer of gratitude) written after he recovered from serious illness.

Subtitled “in memory of a great artist,” Tchaikovsky’s Piano Trio in A minor, Op. 50, explores stormy and passionate melodies in a minor mode.  It continues in a sweeping set of variations with all kinds of virtuosic character.  Throughout these variations, Tchaikovsky employs the familiar forms of waltzes, arias, and even a fugue, all while beautifully balancing the instruments.  The work is of extreme virtuosic character and emotional power, as, just when it appears to reach the apex of its excitement, it is snuffed out by a sudden return to the opening key in a fury of chords and passionate melodic statements in the strings, concluding with a true funeral march.

Beethoven’s late String Quartet (No. 15), though written when the composer was completely deaf, transports us to the transcendent portion of the evening. In the third movement (the “Heiliger Dankgesang”), Beethoven employs his finest compositional craft in creating an inspired musical prayer.  This movement, named “Holy Song of Thanksgiving to the Deity from a convalescent, in the Lydian mode,” composed after Beethoven himself recovered from a brush with death, stands as the quartet’s centerpiece.  This late masterpiece of a quartet will be performed by our own Laura Cividino, and, collaborating with HNAM for the first time, the Carya Quartet.  The movement’s initially meditative tone evolves into bursts of joy, and finally settles into a contemplative disintegration, leaving only a few notes as it reaches for the heavens: transcending the “death” we heard in the Tchaikovsky, and, leaving us in silence.  The quartet as a whole continues to build in joy, ending in a final statement of pure gratitude.

Saturday, November 24th,

7:00 PM

St. Cyril of Alexandria,

10503 Westheimer Rd.

Houston, TX 77042

Saturday, December 1st,

7:30 PM

Houston Piano Company

5600 W. 13th St.

Houston, TX 77008

The September 9th performance at Houston Piano Company has been canceled due to Hurricane Harvey.  Our previously scheduled September 2nd performance at St. Cyril of Alexandria has been rescheduled to September 30th at 7 PM. Please join us at that time for a Hurricane Harvey relief concert.  Funds will be donated to West Houston Assistance Ministries (WHAM) providing relief for victims of the storm.  If you have already purchased tickets for any of the previously scheduled World Journeys concerts, they will be considered admission for our September 30th concert or you can contact us (info@artsmove.net) for a refund, and we will be happy to assist you.

Join the Houston New Arts Movement for a night of music, food, and artwork that celebrates the various cultures of the world, and celebrates our home city of Houston: one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities in the nation.
Come hear compositional masters of Czech, French, American, and Argentinian music. Join musicians, Adam Vincent Clay (pianist, and founder), Rachel McCarthy Clay (pianist), violinists Laura Cividino and Luis Ramirez as we bring to life Dvorak’s great Piano Quintet in A Major, Op. 81. “Dvorak’s Piano Quintet is full of Czech dances rhythms, sweeping romantic gestures, gorgeous melodies, passages of virtuosity, motoric, rhythmic drive… basically everything you could ask for in a large chamber work.” says founder, Adam Vincent Clay.  Soak in the beautiful and intense sounds of William Bolcom’s ragtime music for piano. Savor the intricacies of music by Ravel, once called the “Swiss watchmaker” by Stravinsky.
HNAM continues its season of Reflections, bringing back repertoire they have performed in previous seasons as well as new repertoire that explores the same themes as those seasons.

September 30th,

7:00 PM

St. Cyril of Alexandria,

10503 Westheimer Rd.

Houston, TX 77042

Tickets available at the door.

Take a moment to reflect with us.

Join us for a season of music and the other arts that reflects on political oppression, multiculturalism, transformation, and reflection itself!  We celebrate some of our previous seasons, bringing you performances of music we have refined over the years, along with new repertoire in our 2017 season, Reflections.

Images, Dreams, and Impressions: Music from France

Saturday April 9th, 7:30 PM

St. Cyril of Alexandria Catholic Church Join us on the next leg of our World Journey’s series to France!  In this concert, we explore the music of great French composers Faure, Ravel, Debussy, Cesar Franck, and others.  Visual artwork from local Houston artist Vena Ashley will be on display, and French cuisine will be available.  Get your tickets today for a discount!  Our second performance will be at Houston Piano Company in the Heights!  Visit our events page for more info! We have a new member Leah Ann Brashear, who will be singing vocal works on this concert.  Read more about her on our ensemble page!