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Transformation Trilogy III: Surpassing with Schnittke

Don’t miss the finale of the “Transformation Trilogy” featuring rarely heard music.

May 17th, 2014

Concert Starts at 8:30 PM

824 Main St
Pasadena, Texas 77506
St. Pius V Catholic Church

Join us for the last leg of our journey through the music of Beethoven and Shostakovich to the music of Alfred Schnittke in our Transformation Trilogy concert series. 

Schnittke’s powerful and urgent music creates it’s own language and world to explore, combining elements of jazz, classical traditional music, Russian music, and many other styles (“polystylism” as he called it) all with his own uniquely “Schnittke” voice.

Join our new members Melisa Rose, Patrick Moore, Melanie Riordan, and Leah Gastler, in this special performance.  You can read more about them on our Ensemble page.

If you haven’t heard the music of Alfred Schnittke before, this is a rare opportunity to experience his powerful works in a celebration of one of the greatest composers of the century, and the culmination of a line of musical thought Beginning with Beethoven, Surviving with Shostakovich, and Surpassing with Schnittke.

As always at HNAM concerts the performers are available afterwards to visit with the audience, and their will be artwork on display related to the composer and theme of Transformations and inspired by the music.