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Soul-Stirring Strings

Join the Houston New Arts Movement for an evening of the lyrical and resonant sound of the cello.  “Soul-Stirring Strings,” the second concert in our “Journeys and Dreams” season, will feature some of the greatest works written for cello and piano.  These masterpieces bring to life the sonorous and robust qualities of an instrument close in range and dynamic to our own human voice, and thus, one of the most expressive of instruments.

The concert features French composer, Gabriel Faure’s Cello Sonata No. 1, Op. 109, a dramatic, passionate, and lyrical work.  It begins with piercing percussive gestures in the piano, over a furious and pointed cello line, and drifts into sweet and soaring melodies.  The work’s melodies continually reach upward in leaping gestures and contrast with long lyrical melodies in the more relaxed sections.  Though many of his other works for smaller ensembles are often more consistently melodic and restrained, Faure’s command of dramatic composition is on full display in this work.

The concert also features Brahms’ Cello Sonata in E minor, the first sonata Brahms wrote for two instruments.  He began the work before he was thirty years of age.  The Cello Sonata is deeply rooted in the past, in contrast to the Third Piano Sonata, Op. 5, completed shortly before this work, a youthful and stormy work.  Bach harkens back to the sounds of Beethoven, and even, at one point, quotes Contrapunctis 13, from Bach’s Art of Fugue.  This, quote in the last movement, almost creates the illusion that we are traveling back in time as the Sonata progresses.

Additionally works by David Popper and Cesar Franck will be featured.  We hope to see you at this celebration of the beautiful and sonorous sound of the cello.

Saturday, June 8th,

7:00 PM

St. Cyril of Alexandria,

10503 Westheimer Rd.

Houston, TX 77042

Friday, June 14th,

7:00 PM

Houston Piano Company

5600 W. 13th St.

Houston, TX 77008

Images, Dreams, and Impressions: Music from France